Toxicology Panel for Prescribed and Recreational Drugs

Our double-verified liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry panel detects a wide array of metabolites for various types of drugs, both prescribed and recreational, covering 30 different categories. We search for these metabolites, which are detected even in minute quantities, using a urine sample or an oral swab.

This information is formatted into an easy-to-read report that informs clinicians of consistencies in drug use based on a given medication list and which drugs were detected (based on the metabolites detected), supplying the most relevant information on the first page for quick access.

This type of testing is often useful for medication management, pain management, and drug addiction, but this panel can be used and ordered by any provider who deals with medication management and drug addiction.

Genesys Diagnostics comprehensive toxicology testing provides healthcare providers with accurate and reliable results for detecting the presence of drugs and toxins in patients.

With our advanced technology and experienced team, you can confidently rely on our toxicology testing to inform your clinical decision-making and ensure the best care for your patients.

Our optional DNA ID option for testing provides accurate and reliable identification of individuals in toxicology testing, ensuring the integrity and authenticity of test results.

Specimen Requirements: Minimum 5 mL urine from patient contained in a sterile urine collection container, or an oral swab (sublingual)