Double Verified Toxicology Testing: Ensuring Accurate Results

This tests for the metabolites of prescribed drugs and recreational drugs. We look for 100+ different metabolites in 30 different drug-type categories.

Who is this test for?

Primary care physicians will often use this test to help with the medical management and pain management of their patients.

Psychiatrists can also benefit from this type of test to determine medication adherence.

However, this panel can be used and ordered by any provider who deals with medication management and drug addiction.

Process and Results

This test can be performed using a urine sample (at least 15 mL) or using an oral swab.

Results will be available to you provider via our online portal within 5 to 7 business days.

Results will be available on our online portal, please ask your provider for details.

Toxicology testing is a vital medical tool used to identify and quantify the presence of harmful substances in a patient's body. It involves analyzing biological samples such as blood, urine, or hair to detect toxins, drugs, and other hazardous substances.

Toxicology testing provides crucial information to healthcare providers to diagnose and monitor toxic exposures, drug overdoses, and substance abuse. It helps guide treatment decisions, assess the severity of toxicity, and provide valuable insights into a patient's overall health.

Patient-focused toxicology testing plays a crucial role in personalized medicine, allowing healthcare providers to deliver targeted and effective care tailored to an individual's unique needs.