Insurance and Billing Inquiries

For all general billing inquiries please fill out the form below and submit. We do our best to answer all inquiries within 24-48 hours.
To speak directly to a member of our billing team please use the phone number or email address below.
For emails please include your first and last name, date of birth, what you are inquiring about, and contact information.
(860) 574-9172
Most insurance plans cover genetic testing.

Be sure to check with your insurance provider to see if your plan covers genetic testing, and speak to your healthcare provider.

If your insurance does not cover your genetic test, the test will be denied and your healthcare provider will be notified. You will not receive a bill if your insurance does not cover your test.
man in white shirt carrying girl in gray shirt
man in white shirt carrying girl in gray shirt
In the case that your insurance plan does not cover genetic testing, we offer flexible options to help you get the test you need.
Self Pay

Our self pay program for genetic testing allows individuals to pay for genetic testing out of their own pocket.

This program is designed for those who do not have insurance coverage, have insurance but are underinsured, or those who wish to not go through their health insurance.

We offer competitive self pay prices, providing affordable options for individuals seeking genetic testing. We understand that medical expenses can be a burden, and our goal is to ensure that our services are accessible to all. With our services, you can take control of your health without breaking the bank.

Self pay prices vary by test. Please contact us or speak to your healthcare provider to learn more.

Payment Plans

For patients that are self pay, our billing team will work to set up a monthly payment plan that works for you.

Patients who opt for self pay genetic testing can now benefit from a convenient payment plan that can be spread out up to a 6 month period. This new offering makes it easier for individuals to get the testing they need without having to worry about upfront costs or large sums of money. With the ability to spread out payments over a longer period of time, patients can better plan and budget for their genetic testing needs.

This payment plan option is flexible and can be customized to fit each patient's unique financial situation. The process is simple and straightforward, allowing patients to focus on what matters most – getting answers to their genetic questions. With our payment plan, self pay genetic testing is now more accessible and affordable than ever before.

Genesys Diagnostics Financial Assistance Program

Our financial assistance program can allow patients to pay as low as $0 per test if they qualify.*

The financial assistance program for genetic testing is available to those who meet certain income requirements. However, it is important to note that individuals who receive Medicaid or Medicare may not be eligible.

If you are interested in applying for this program, you may be required to provide documentation including tax returns and other financial information to determine your eligibility. It is important to familiarize yourself with the requirements before applying to ensure that you meet the necessary criteria.

*Qualification for this program is based on HIHS poverty guidelines and minimum possible payment amounts vary by test.

photo of woman beside another woman at seashore
photo of woman beside another woman at seashore

Discover the Benefits of Genetic Testing with Flexible Options